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Problems that need to be paid attention to in the management of wacky worm roller coaster

The wacky worm roller coaster belongs to a kind of rail-like sliding amusement equipment. The device as a whole is in the shape of a cartoon big caterpillar. The head can be set with various expressions of the caterpillar, which looks vivid and realistic. Gorgeous lighting and beautiful sound effects enhance the playability of the entire device. The following are the issues that playground operators need to pay attention to when operating:

Every day before opening, the operator should conduct a power-on inspection to see if there are potential safety hazards. If any problems are found, they should be solved in time to avoid accidents during operation.

During the business period, first of all, it is necessary to introduce clear precautions to customers, guide tourists to sit correctly and prevent overloading. For tourists who are not suitable for playing, they should be refused. Then, a bell should be rang to remind tourists to fasten their seat belts before turning on the machine, and they can start running after confirming that there is no danger.

During the operation, the staff cannot leave the venue, and pay attention to the behavior of tourists. If they encounter dangerous behavior, they should stop it in time.

After the business is over, it is necessary to clean up and check the equipment to ensure that there are no potential safety hazards. Be sure to turn off point sources, and lock the doors of the operating room and safety fence to avoid unnecessary dangers.

The level of stimulation of the caterpillar machine is not high, and it is basically suitable for most people to ride. The length of the whole ride can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, and the price is naturally different for different lengths. Welcome to your inquiry.


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