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Outdoor unpowered playground equipment for sale

Our company has developed a series of unpowered amusement equipment recently, such as no power swing, pedal air bikes, unpowered roller coaster, slide, climbing and so on, these devices can be widely used in playground, farms, parks and even scenic area, no power equipment are more likely to arouse children’s spirit of challenge, in the entertainment at the same time can be a good exercise Improve the physical quality.  They can also interact with their parents to improve the parent-child relationship.


So it is very popular among both kids and adults, and also attract many investors. As they are non electric equipment, so the cost is not very high, but the income is very promising, so if you want to start amusement business, then unpowered equipment is a good choice to begin your business. We have many equipment for choosing, and we can also design the playground and the device according to the character and size of you places. Any needs please contact us for details.


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