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what needs to pay attention to when design kids playground?

First, when designing the children’s park, we must ensure that the design can be coordinated with the building and the formal external environment of the children’s park. For example, if a children’s park is located in an upscale mall, then the design of a children’s park can be modern and luxurious. If it is the children’s paradise shop inside the residential area, then you need to pay attention to the warm atmosphere.

Second, if the design can be carried out from the perspective of consumers and design schemes can be made according to a series of psychological activities of children, the children’s park can be more interesting and attract children’s attention.

Third, because it is a paradise designed for children, the purpose is to let them play happily, so the modelling design of the bionic furniture in the paradise must be close to nature. On the vision more lively modelling to bow | up children’s interest.

Fourth, when designing the children’s park, there is another point that we need to pay special attention to, that is the safety problem. No matter how well designed the children’s park is, it won’t matter if the design ignores this.


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