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What problems should be paid attention to in the inspection of indoor playground equipment?

Indoor playground equipment is a kind of one-time investment and reusable product. In the process of repeated use, indoor playground equipment will be worn and damaged to a certain extent. If these problems are not discovered and repaired in time, it will easily lead to accidents for children. So, what aspects do we carry out when we usually overhaul indoor playground equipment?

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1: Whether the soft part is damaged

Most of the indoor playground equipment is applied to soft bags. The surface of the soft package part is comfortable to touch and can effectively prevent children from bumping. However, during the operation process, the soft package part may be worn or scratched by sharp objects. Once the soft package part is damaged, the hard material inside may be exposed, which is not only prone to children bumping into it, but also may shorten the service life of the inner material. Therefore, if the soft package part is damaged, it must be repaired in time.

2: Whether the screws are loose

Children will shake, shake, push, and press when using indoor playground equipment. When the strength of these actions exceeds the bearing capacity of the amusement equipment itself, the screw part may loosen. While the screw is an important part that closely connects various parts together. Once the screw is loose, it may lead to collapse and cause injury to children. Therefore, operators must always check whether the screws are fastened firmly to avoid safety hazards.

3: Whether there is rust in the connecting parts

Some electric amusement equipment uses connecting parts such as shafts and gears. If these parts are rusted or damaged, it is easy to cause the failure of the amusement equipment. Therefore, operators should not ignore the inspection of these parts when they usually overhaul the indoor playground equipment. Once rusty damage is found, they must be lubricated or repaired in time to ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipment.

For the operators of indoor playgrounds, good economic benefits are fundamental to the survival of indoor playgrounds. However, children’s play safety is equally important, and it is the decisive factor for the long-term operation of indoor playgrounds.


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