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Community children’s playground opening skills

1: Opening a children’s playground in the community is itself a flexible service model. In addition to setting up ticket-paid amusement parks, it can also take into account the service model of child care, that is, to effectively grasp the business opportunities of user needs to make profits.

2: Regularly hold some preferential activities or parent-child activities. It can deepen the communication with parents and children, so that we can better understand the needs of customers and increase customer stickiness.

3: The children’s playground in the community can take into account a series of services such as child care projects, mother and baby products, food, beverages, and sales of children’s educational toys. Thereby increasing the income of children’s playgrounds and bringing convenience to customers in the community.

4: In the operation of the children’s playground, a membership card mechanism can be established. On the one hand, customers can get corresponding discounts to attract customers to spend in the park for a long time. On the other hand, you can collect customer information, analyze and understand customers, and find more potential customers.

5: No matter where you open a children’s playground, you need to pay attention to hygiene and safety. Children’s playgrounds need to do regular cleaning, disinfection, and equipment safety inspections and replacements. Only an excellent and clean environment and safe amusement equipment can attract more parents and children.

The characteristics of entertainment facility in the community are mainly safe and beautiful. Children’s amusement facilities in general parks include: children’s slides, combined slides, seesaws, climbing facilities, etc. If the venue is large enough, children’s expansion equipment can also be designed. During the selection process, you have to make a reasonable allocation according to your budget and the size of the site, so as to make the atmosphere in the community happy and attract more residents and customers.


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