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Reasons for the large price difference of amusement rides

1: Different manufacturers scale

The different scales of manufacturers of amusement facilities will lead to great differences in the quotations of amusement rides. Some manufacturers are relatively small in scale, which many of the production equipment is not complete, and the quality of the products they make will be poor, so the price seems to be very cheap. Larger manufacturers are generally more formal, with larger workshops, well-equipped equipment, and a lot of care in the quality of the products, so the price will be relatively higher.

Giraffe Flying Chair

2: Different raw materials

There are many kinds of raw materials for amusement facilities. Even for the same facilities, there are many materials. For example, there are three types of plastic materials on the market: ABS, EVA, and EPP. Among them, ABS material is relatively hard, which is easy to cause harm to children; EVA has peculiar smell; EPP material is safe and environmentally friendly, which is the best material. Generally speaking, environmentally friendly materials are more expensive than ordinary materials, and imported materials are more expensive than domestic materials. Therefore, the raw materials used result in different quotations for the same equipment.

3: Different internal device configurations

Such as indoor playground, combined slides, etc. are free combinations of some small projects. The more items configured, the higher the quotation. For the same area, the price of a three-story indoor playground is more expensive than that of two-story, and playground with eight items is more expensive than with seven items. The difference in facilities used in the combination slide leads to different prices. For example, some slides will be equipped with a lot of rope net and climbing frames, adding a lot of gameplay, so the price will be more expensive. To put it simply, the greater the investment, the higher the price of children’s play equipment.

4: Different elements integrated into the device

Now more and more amusement facilities are constantly incorporating diversified elements, which indirectly increases the manufacturing cost. Many devices incorporate high technology. With the improvement of the consumption level of the whole society, prices are also in balance.


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