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Unpowered amusement equipment project planning needs to be reasonable

All the planning of the equipment is designed around positioning, the theme is clear, high recognition can make people unforgettable, so the following are the core elements of the planning of the playground:

  1. Story-based scene: The design of children’s activity facilities and venues is an IP unit of a series of scenes and themes, and each theme has a protagonist of our different IP;

2, facility modularization: the main facilities and auxiliary facilities of unique IP modularization, from the design, deepening, production to installation and use of the whole process management, mainly from the material, specifications, thickness and other key technical indicators to confirm, to ensure high quality landing, but also can reduce the cost of multiple mold opening.

  1. Art landscape of site facilities: be good-looking and durable, attract the eye and become a scenic spot
  2. Safety of site facilities: Pay attention to the safety of the audience, ensure the safety from the environmental protection of the material and the physical structure of the equipment, and reduce the entrances and exits of the site to ensure the safety of children.
  3. Humanization of site facilities: the combination of dynamic and static is not only a place for parent-child play but also a good place for social interaction. For example, the shaded arbor sandpit is set in the nursing area, and the washbasin and parking space for baby carriage are set nearby.

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