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How to do a good job in the safety management of self control plane?

Amusement parks are one of the favorite places of every child, and colorful self-control planes are most favored by children who have space dreams. When the bell starts to ring, the plane starts flying up and down to satisfy the children’s space dream. However, for all amusement equipment, safety is the first priority, so what should the amusement park management personnel pay attention to when operating the amusement park self control aircraft for everyone’s safety?

1. Strict on-the-job training is required before taking up the job.

2. On-the-job personnel should be proficient in the business knowledge and operational skills of the position.

3. Safety inspection must be done before operation every day.

4. The test machine should be run for no less than two times before operation. After confirming that everything is normal, the machine can be opened.

5. Introduce the rules of play, the control method of the self control aircraft and the relevant precautions to the tourists in detail. Prevent tourists who do not meet the conditions for self control aircraft from participating in the activities.

6. Guide tourists to sit in the correct seat, overcrowding is strictly prohibited, no partial load is allowed, and seat belts are fastened.

7. Ring the bell before starting the machine, and confirm that there is no danger before starting the machine.

8. The operator is strictly prohibited from leaving the post without authorization when the self control plane is in operation.

9. Pay close attention to the dynamics of tourists and stop the unsafe behavior of individual tourists in time.

10. Check the carrying objects, auxiliary equipment and playgrounds to ensure that they are neat and orderly, clean and free of potential safety hazards.


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