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Answers to frequently asked questions about children’s inflatable equipment

Inflatable amusement equipment is very popular with children, and there are also various types of that, so what are the problems with children’s inflatable amusement equipment?

1. Q: If the children’s inflatable amusement equipment is damaged, can it be repaired?
A: It can be repaired. The children’s inflatable play equipment is made of a PVC or PU material, and any loopholes can be repaired, just like a tire.

2. Q: Are the materials used to make inflatable amusement equipment harmful to the human body? In particular, is there any impact on children’s health?
A: Since the inflatable amusement equipment is made of film material, it is a finished product of polyvinyl chloride material, so whether it is from the analysis of chemical composition or from the results of years of use, it will not cause harm to human health during use, so you can use it with complete confidence.

3. Q: Is it dangerous for children to play in inflatable amusement equipment?
A: In the inflatable castle, the accessible parts that children play with are soft and elastic inflatable materials or soft products, so no matter whether they are bumped or pushed, it will not cause harm to children.


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