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Outdoor amusement equipment suitable for children aged 3-8

We can see various types of amusement facilities in outdoor park landscapes, playgrounds, cultural tourism industries, residential sales offices and other places. Which ones are suitable for children aged 3-8 to play?

Traditional themed rides

Slide combination should be the first choice for children’s outdoor large-scale equipment, and it has basically become the standard equipment for outdoor playgrounds. The slide can realize a series of complex functional movements such as climbing, sliding, rolling and walking for children, which can improve the balance and independence of children during play.
Training themed rides

Children’s sensory training equipment is a new amusement equipment suitable for children. It mainly cultivates children’s hands-on ability and physical coordination through these equipment. Sensory integration training has a very good effect on children’s assistance, which can promote children’s brain development and enhance their resilience.
Extension themed rides

Climbing amusement facilities, like rope nets, ziplines, trails, have a strong outdoor development effect, which can promote children’s physical strength, endurance, thinking and other aspects of exercise during play and use.


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