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What should be paid attention to when designing an indoor playground?

The indoor playground design should be based on the psychology of consumers. The psychological activities of children when they enter the park to play are a comprehensive reflection of their own needs and objective influences. Generally speaking, when customers enter the children’s playground, most of them have to go through a series of psychological processes. In the indoor playground design, countermeasures should be formulated for this series of psychological activities of customers, so that he can smoothly realize consumption actions.


1: Ground material protection

Ground protection must be compatible with play equipment in the area. The protective ground can be sand, safety mats, wood chips, but they must have sufficient thickness to reduce impact.

2: Divide into age groups

Operators first need to determine what age group of children the playground will serve. Because in order to build a fully functional playground, the different needs of children of any ages and their developmental stages must be fully considered. If the playground needs to accommodate children with disabilities, their special needs must also be fully taken into account.

3: Firefighting

The fire protection of children’s indoor parks is also very important. In recent years, news introductions and media publicity have shown that most children’s parks are prohibited from operating above 3 floors, and it is necessary to ensure smooth fire exits. When selecting and planning the site, it is necessary to recognize the relevant positions such as entrances, exits, express passages, and emergency passages, and make the passages smooth according to the plan. And fire-fighting equipment, such as fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, etc., should be placed at handy places at intervals.


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