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What should children pay attention to when riding a small pirate ship?

The pirate ship is a very popular kind of amusement equipment now. The large pirate ship is more exciting and suitable for teenagers and adults. Many children are eager to ride the pirate ship like adults. In order to meet the wishes of children, amusement equipment manufacturers have developed small pirate ships, which are designed according to the height and weight of children, and are suitable for children and teenagers. Such people have low self-protection awareness when playing, so there are some things to pay attention to:

mini pirate ship
1. Before riding this children amusement equipment project, you need to read the instructions for passengers.
2. When the equipment is in operation, no one should be watching within two meters around the equipment, so as not to hurt visitors.
3. Before the equipment starts to operate, tourists must fasten the seat belts on their seats. Without the permission of the staff, they are not allowed to untie the safety devices such as seat belts.
4. When the equipment is running, the staff need to close the protective door at the entrance of the hull, and the tourists need to hold the safety bar in front of the seat.
5. Before running the equipment, please carefully check the safety fence around the hull. The safety fence must not be loose. During operation, please do not put your hand into the safety fence to avoid injury.
6. When the equipment is in operation, the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails, which endangers the safety of passengers, an automatic or manual emergency stop device must be activated.
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