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Points for using of the cabin of outdoor amusement facilities

Whether it is large-scale equipment such as pirate ships, flying chairs, flying Disk’O ride, etc., or children amusement equipment such as self control airplanes, self control bee, mini shuttles, etc., the cabin plays an important role, not only the finishing touch of the amusement equipment, but also the guarantee the safety of tourists. 

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The cabin developed by Henan Dinis Amusement is strictly implemented in accordance with the standards of “Safety Specifications for Amusement Equipment” (GB8408). As an indispensable equipment for amusement facilities, the cabin should be selected and used according to the regulations.

The cabin, as the equipment that most amusement facilities have, its basic requirements are:

1. Reasonable structure, safe and reliable;

2. The safety device of the cabinshould be firm and reliable without damage;

3. The cabinbody should be intact without damage and corrosion;

4. The cabin is clean and tidy to ensure that there are no sharp corners, burrs or other dangerous protrusions where passengers may touch;

Notes on use:

1.Keep checking regularly:

 (1)Check the exterior of the cabinfor cracks and aging

 (2)Check the cabinsafety device: whether the handle, seat belt or safety bar is firm andkeep no damage

 (3)Check the wearing parts: if the connecting shaft is worn out, it should be replaced in time

 (4)Check the bolts connected to each part: if they are loose, they should be tightened in time

2. Keep lubricating the operation parts

3.  Do the maintenance work according to the requirements, and make a record so that you can summarize and check the files in the future.


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