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The Safety Standard of Amusement Rides

First, the safety precautions. The amusement rides’ frame part used carrying customers should be made solid and well-knit. And other main components should have necessary safety precautions. For instance, the number of steel wire ropes and chains should exceed two. And the connection with seats should be considered being balanced. Then closed cabins’ door should be installed at least one lock that cannot be open inside, and the cabin should have barriers ensuring customers’ safety. Besides, it is necessary to install hand-operated device to stop the amusement ride, forbidding its broken during the operating. That will decrease the harm.

Second, the claim on safety barriers and platforms. There should be guide boards in the entrance and exit. And antiskid device is very important. Additionally, safety fence doors’ opening direction should be set according to the passenger’s walking direction (except under the exigencies). To prevent person’s hands injured when closing the door, the gap between the door frame and the column should be appropriate, or taking other protective measures. The gap between amusement rides and the platform, which operates while passengers are getting on and off should not exceed 300 mm.

Third, other requests. The rides should have eye-catching safety signs on obvious site. The safety signs are divided into four types: prohibition mark (red), warning mark (yellow), command mark (blue), and prompt mark (green). Exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions are not allowed in the place where passengers can reach.

The part used to carry passengers must be limited the maximum number. And overload operation is strictly prohibited.


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