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How to carry out daily maintenance of children’s amusement equipment?

Safety is the most important issue for every investor in children’s amusement equipment. After all, once an accident occurs, the investor will not only face compensation, but also face a precipitous decline in business in the future. Therefore, it is more necessary for investors to eliminate safety risks. Then, how to operate children’s amusement equipment for daily maintenance?

  1. circuit safety

Mechanical amusement equipment and lighting are closely related to the circuit, so the daily maintenance of the circuit is not negligible. In addition to checking whether the wires are aging and damaged, check the normal operation of various devices before opening to avoid causing avoidable damage to players.

Two, soft bag inspection

Soft bag has gradually become a major form of children’s amusement equipment; it can not only maximize the display of the designer’s inspiration, but also provide children with comprehensive anti-knock protection. However, once the soft bag is damaged, the exposed part can easily cause harm to the child. Investors should regularly check the soft package, if found that the soft package damage, should be repaired in time to avoid accidents.

Three, seat inspection

Some child play equipment will have seats to hold the child in place, so make sure the seat handles, seat belts or safety bars are secured to ensure that the equipment is not damaged.


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