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The Favourite Amusement Ride-Self Control Airplane Ride

The self-controlled aircraft ride is a very classic amusement equipment, which is composed of mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems as a whole. The appearance of the self-controlled aircraft adopts the shape of a rocket. It is an amusement facility that rotates around the central axis and can be lifted vertically freely. The 10 cockpits on the entire fuselage are suspended by ten mechanical arms. Each cockpit can take two people. Of course, if the customer has requirements for the number of cabins, it can also be customized, and the appearance can also be designed according to customer needs.

The self-controlled airplane ride is composed of a complex mechanical structure as a whole. The frame is supported by a special steel frame. The appearance is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic with a special process. The outermost layer of paint is sprayed with a special technique at one time which can keep for a long time without fading. There are also colorful lights and beautiful music sets on the outside, and its characteristics can be better reflected at night, so it is deeply loved by passengers.

In the early time, the self-controlled plane ride used pump stations and hydraulic systems to control the lift, The disadvantages were that the hydraulic oil overflowed and caused pollution. At low temperatures, the hydraulic oil became viscous and caused difficulty in lifting. In recent years, air compressors and cylinder systems are generally used to replace hydraulic systems, which have the advantages of no pollution and low noise. 

The two buttons in the cockpit of the self-controlled aircraft can control the lift and fall respectively, and the electric control cabinet has a timing relay system, which can run and stop automatically according to the pre-adjusted running time. When an emergency occurs, the emergency stop button of the electric control cabinet can be pressed to stop the equipment.

As a classic amusement facility, self-controlled plane ride is suitable for various large-scale playgrounds, squares, parks and other venues. If you are interested in this product, welcome your consultation!


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