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Colors make kids amusement equipment more wonderful

Color has always been something that we are very sensitive to. Color also has a great influence on children’s amusement equipment. Today we will take a look at the magic of color design.

The influence of color design of kids amusement equipment on children

The kids amusement equipment is the world of kids entertainment,color is the important way for the kids to know the world,the design of the kids amusement device should start from the unique perspective of children and understand the color psychology of children.

Through the targeted and reasonable color design to meet the need of kids psychology needs and satisfy their psychology color needs, so as to enlarge the their knowledge and develop their talent. When children play amusement equipment, the proper and reasonable color will produce happy instinctive reaction, increase their level of excitement, and help them be more positive in the face of challenges,which has a positive effect on the cultivation of their optimistic character.

The influence of color design of kids amusement equipment on the amusement environment

the equipment and the surrounding environment should be considered in the color design.The color of the equipment should be easily embellished in the surrounding environment, but not abrupt,

The surrounding environment color includes the surrounding buildings, vegetation, sand and other colors.The light of artificial lighting around children’s amusement equipment also affects the color of the equipment. In a dark environment, large areas of dark color should not be used, which will bring fear to people, bright place should not be used large area bright, because the color, will cause excessive bright effect counterproductive.



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