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Tips for reducing the risk of running an unpowered amusement park

1: Pay attention to the development and changes of the market

Living in the Internet age, no matter what we do, we must pay attention to changes in the market. The equipment of the unpowered park also needs to be continuously innovated and designed in combination with market changes. Only by developing more equipment that can meet the psychological expectations of customers’ needs can more and more stable customers come to consume. If the unpowered amusement park is enough to support the commercial operation of the entire park and reduce operational risks, it can also be equipped with some mechanical equipment to allow operators to have higher profit returns.

2: Create a personalized theme park

Now the market of unpowered park is developing rapidly, but the operation and publicity of the parks cannot be ignored. The equipment development market of unpowered parks is highly competitive, and many parks will imitate other publicity methods, so in order to attract more tourists, the publicity work should be innovative. After selecting the site, the operator need to create a more comfortable atmosphere and a personalized theme to attract traffic.

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3: Park equipment placement skills

In order to reduce the operational risk of unpowered parks, there are certain requirements for the placement of equipment.

Leave enough space for activities

Leaving enough room for movement can prevent children from colliding or bruising while playing. If the distance between the equipment is small, as long as the children run fast when playing, or there are many children gathered, accidents may happen at any time. In terms of the size of the space, it is still necessary to make reasonable calculations according to the actual situation and make a suitable planning plan.

Reasonably match equipment with different functions

Now there are a lot of the same type of unpowered playground equipment on the market, which requires us to give full play to our subjective initiative when placing amusement equipment, put together equipment with different functions as much as possible, use our creative imagination to improve the game experience while playing, and promote the operator’s game ability.


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