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What are the classifications of unpowered amusement equipment?

The types of unpowered amusement equipment can be roughly divided into challenge, interaction and experience.

1: Challenge Type

The unpowered amusement equipment of the challenge type mainly uses protection measures like safety belt to allow the player to perform a series of games such as difficult obstacle crossing, climbing, and deceleration at high altitudes, thereby stimulating children’s desire for adventure and exploration. Such as safety belt equipment, high-altitude jumping, climbing, downhill, etc., which experience process is very exciting.

2: Interaction Type

This type of equipment is designed to promote cooperation and interaction between people and bring them closer to each other. The equipment is more interesting and the activity space is larger, which attracts children to actively integrate and play. It is a tool and equipment for training children’s language expression, interpersonal communication, teamwork and other abilities, and it can also help the parent-child relationship to heat up. Such common equipment includes slide combinations, swings, trampolines, microphones, seesaws, etc.

3: Experience Type

The unpowered amusement equipment of the experience type is mostly small equipment, which are children’s auxiliary facilities. They emphasize fully mobilizing children’s senses and enhancing the immersive experience of games. Most of them are children’s exclusive supporting equipment, tailored to meet the needs of children’s growth. Such common equipment includes sensory extension series, sand pool kingdom, rocking horse, balance pole, climbing net and so on.

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