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How to choose slide combination?

Large parks, playgrounds, scenic spots and other places will be equipped with children’s play equipment such as slides, and the combined slide is one of them. The children’s slide combination is a comprehensive amusement equipment that can be freely combined. Manufacturers of children’s slides usually install and test on site. The key to buying a children’s slide is safety and reliability.


Customers should choose a manufacturer with various qualifications to purchase children’s slide combination . Do not only rely on pictures and introductions but in on-the-spot inspections, so as to prevent merchants from shoddy. Try to choose a reputable company with qualified production qualifications to buy products. Finally, when purchasing children’s combined slides, quality and safety are the first.

The height of the safety handrail of the slide must be higher than the child’s waist to protect the child from falling from the side. There should be no threshold on the upper platform of the slide, and the slide should be smooth and without seams to prevent the clothes ropes from being caught or hooked. In addition, there should be an arch design above the slide to guide the child to sit down and slide.

The bottom of the slide should have a certain height and should not be completely close to the ground. This design is to facilitate the child to stand up quickly after sliding down, so as not to get hit by the children behind because it is too late to get up. Finally, the slide should leave enough buffer space and safety space for children.


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