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The Safety Problem Of Wacky Worm Roller Coaster Can Not Be Ignored

The Wacky Worm Roller Coaster is a track type amusement equipment developed by Dinis Amusement according to the market needs. The main body of this equipment is in the shape of a large caterpillar, which is suitable for various indoor and outdoor playgrounds such as playgrounds, squares, parks, etc. It is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, stable and beautiful. It is a ride similar to the dragon roller coaster.

Wacky Worm Roller Coaster

Safety matters during operation

Before operation
Implement security checks on rides

In operation
1. Introduce the amusement rules and precautions to the tourists in detail, and refuse the tourists who do not meet the conditions for riding the amusement machine to participate in the amusement activities

2. Guide the tourists to sit in the correct seat, it is strictly forbidden to overload, and fasten seat belts.

3. Ring the bell before turning on the machine, and confirm that there is no danger before turning on theride.

4. During the operation of the amusement machine, it is strictly forbidden for the operator to leave the post

5. Pay close attention to the dynamics of tourists and stop the unsafe behavior of individual tourists in time

After business
1. Check the load and auxiliary equipment to ensure that the playground is clean and free of potential safety hazards

2. Make a record of the equipment operation on the day

3. Turn off the main power when off work, lock the operation room and safety fence door


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