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What points should be known in the maintenance of amusement equipment?

Nowadays, there are a lot of amusement equipment of different materials in life. Amusement equipment needs to be well maintained after a period of use. So what points should be mastered in the maintenance of amusement equipment?

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1: Regular check.

Amusement equipment operators should regularly check whether the safety bars and fence of the equipment are intact, whether the motor and its fixing bolts are abnormal, and whether the voltage and current values are normal, etc.

2: Regular maintenance.

Amusement equipment operators should regularly add lubricating oil to the equipment to reduce wear and tear during operation. The equipment must be operated by a special person, and non-professionals should not move it to avoid unnecessary accidents.

3: The equipment needs trial operation.

During the trial operation, check whether there is abnormal sound when the equipment is running; whether the travel switch is normal; whether there is oil leakage in the oil circuit system, etc. If there is a failure, it must be repaired by a special person, and do not disassemble the parts at will. If all checks are normal, the equipment can start running.

4: Safety protection.

For potential safety hazards found during the operation of the equipment, the operation should be stopped immediately and the hidden dangers should be eliminated in time, and the machine must not be allowed to run with troubles. Each large-scale amusement equipment should have different emergency plans, so that tourists can be evacuated in time after a dangerous situation occurs, and safety protection measures should be taken when necessary.


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