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Flying Chair

In large parks, playgrounds, and theme parks, you can often see a piece of classic amusement equipment-rotating flying chair. This also allows many investors to discover business opportunities. What is the reason for these investors to choose this amusement equipment?

Flying Chair Ride

First of all, the flying chair has an advantage in the number of passengers. Depending on the size of the equipment, the number of passengers is not necessarily the same. Generally, 36 or 48 people can be taken. It takes about 3 minutes for a single operation, allowing tourists to play while shortening the waiting time of other tourists.

The second is the experience of tourist. The flying chair is gorgeous in shape and color, which attracts the attention of tourists. With its fashionable appearance and romantic and gorgeous lights, it is even more dazzling in the night. When the equipment is running, those exquisite hanging chairs will undulate and dance in the air. Tourists riding on the hanging chairs are like flying in the air, floating, thrilling, and experiencing excitement and harvesting happiness. Therefore, this amusement equipment is more attractive to young men.

The flying chair is a large-scale flying tower amusement machine that integrates various forms of motion such as rotation, lift, and inclination. When the equipment is running, the turntable is swaying, the tower body is slowly rising, and the flying chair is swaying in the wind. It has to be said that this is a very popular amusement facility. Therefore, the business of the flying chair has been good in recent years. However, it should be noted that if there are similar equipment in the same amusement park, investors need to consider carefully to avoid tourists losing their sense of experience due to excessive repetition.


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