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Popular Amusement Flying Chair Ride For Sale

Rotary flying chair is a type of very popular children’s amusement equipment, you can see it in any amusement place,  Small and stylish but functional, colorful and romantic design, gorgeous lighting, novel modeling, small flying chair hanging arm connected to the seat, when the equipment is running, tourists like flying in the air, give people unforgettable experience.  This kind of amusement equipment is more attractive to teenagers and children.  Applicable venue: children’s playground, park, square and other entertainment places.  

The price varies depending on size and luxury. We offer 12/16/24/36 seats, but we also provide excellent customized service to meet your needs.  When we choose and buy, it is best to go to the spot, confirm the demand clearly, so that you can get the most ideal products,

Dinis amusement equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a amusement equipment manufacturer integrating research and development, manufacturing and operation. Large amusement facilities manufacturing, installation, transformation, maintenance qualifications.  Specializing in the production of pirate ship, big pendulum, automatic control aircraft and other amusement equipment,  we also undertake and expand the indoor and outdoor theme park (amusement park) planning and design, engineering construction and management and investment management of amusement projects.


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