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Amusement Park Rotary Jump Tower

For those who like excitement and adventure, the amusement ride rotary bounce tower is an essential challenge. The instant weightlessness of falling from the sky is both exciting and thrilling. This breathtaking experience has attracted countless challengers to try it.  So what is a rotary bounce tower?  

The revolving jumping tower is a large amusement facility with the theme of lifting and rotating. It has a total height of nearly 30 meters and stands in the amusement park, which is very eye-catching and attractive.  The amusement equipment uses a circular cabin that can carry more people, which is hung on the top of the frame by wire rope, and the cabin moves spirally up, down and continuously along the vertical column track.  

When the equipment is running, the tourists rotate with the cockpit, while rising and landing continuously, which can overlook the surrounding scenery, experience the excitement brought by the rapid lifting, and the sense of relief brought by the release of psychological pressure. Therefore, this device is a very popular amusement park.  

Its complex design and structure, high running height which can bring tourists adventure and excitement, and passengers happy laughter and scream make it very easy to arouse onlookers to participate in and experience.  

Here we need to remind you that the rotary lifting tower belongs to a very exciting type of large-scale amusement equipment, the production of this kind of equipment needs relevant certificates, so there are not many manufacturers with production qualifications.  This kind of equipment irritant strong, high protective performance requirements, warm remind you to choose a complete certificate of the formal enterprise procurement.  

We are professional manufacturers with large and medium-sized amusement facilities manufacturing, installation, transformation, maintenance qualifications, welcome customers to order.  


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