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Focusing On The Services For Attracting More Kids

Safety first, operators choose reliable and fashion amusement rides for children, and focus on the accident prevention. Regularly disinfecting and overhauling amusement rides is very necessary for guaranteeing customers’ safety.

Second, reliable quality. Investors must pay high attention to products’ quality. The products is the most important factor in marketing, and only high quality products could attract customers attention.  Besides, the tidy and ordered environment is another factor to achieve parents and kids’ reliability.

Third, advertising methods. Advertising is the most effective and quickest measure to become popularity. But operators should know the right way to use advertising, otherwise maybe have the opposite results.

Fourth, good behaviors. Customers’ first impression of the amusement park always comes from staffs’ appearance and manners. And they will want to come again because of the staffs’ good behaviors. Therefore, employees should try their best to keep good appearance and good manners.

Fifth, explicit division of work. It means that the manager should have a clear arrangement for the staff. For instance, receptionists should work passionately and politely, and cashiers should work scrupulously. Sales performance connects with customers’ degree of satisfactory.

Sixth, treating customers as friends. Like I mentioned before, customers are the resource of the sales performance. And treating customers as friends and taking care of every kid is a effective way to build bonds. Thus, the staff can learn how to communicate with customers.

Seventh, obvious characteristics. Most indoor amusement parks are not very big, and the amusement rides in it are crowd. Thus, there must be some special advantages to catch children’s eyes and leave deep impression. However, many amusement items and combination products in indoor amusement parks lack innovation, which could not satisfy children’s recreational demands. Therefore, it is necessary to add some specific attractions to increase competitiveness.


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