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Do you know these points about amusement equipment-carousel?

The carousel is beautiful in shape and highly entertaining, and it is particularly attractive against the background of wonderful music and colorful lights. Usually the carousel is also one of the star amusement items in the playgrounds, especially attracting the attention of younger children and girls. There are various shapes of carousels, and many customers will be dazzled when purchasing. Dinis Amusement will tell you some points for attention when purchasing children’s amusement equipment carousels:

Musical Carousel

1: Select the standard motor. This is the most important thing in the selection of amusement equipment carousels. Only qualified motors can drive carousels to operate normally when they are full. Otherwise, there may be a tire blowout, burning the motor and so on.

2: Choose electrical accessories carefully. Check the warranty period of various accessories. The warranty period of regular manufacturers is generally half a year.

3: Paint. The fiberglass product must have a fresh, bright and shiny effect when it leaves the factory. The decoration of a carousel for a children’s play equipment is all in the fiberglass part, so this part must be fine and bright.

In addition, when playing the carousel, please be sure to remind passengers to pay attention to the following points:

1: Please queue up to buy tickets and ride in an orderly manner. Each horse takes one person, and overloading is strictly prohibited.

2: During the operation of the amusement equipment carousel, please do not stand or dismount.

3: Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, pay attention to ride safety.

4: It is strictly forbidden for drunks, heart disease, high blood pressure and mental illness or other vertigo patients to ride.

5: The horse can only be dismounted after the equipment has stopped. If there is an emergency during the operation, please contact the operator in time.



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