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Three kinds of children’s amusement facilities that need to be played carefully

Parents are always worried about the safety of children’s travel and playing places, so Dinis Amusement, which integrates the research and development, production, sales and service of amusement equipment, hereby reminds parents that the following amusement equipment needs to be cautious when children play.

1: Bouncy castle

Many parents have taken their children to play bouncy castles, which are cheap and loved by most children. If the child falls down in the bouncy castle because of the existence of the air cushion, he will not bump into it. However, parents must blindly think that the child is safe in the bouncy castle. The inflatable leather cushion is particularly airtight, and if a child is accidentally pressed under by other children, it is easy to suffocate. In addition, if the bouncy castle leaks accidentally, and there are too many children on it, the air will leak instantly. A child caught in a leather pad can also cause suffocation. Therefore, parents should keep an eye on their children while playing to help them out of danger in time.

2: Trampoline

The common types of trampolines are multi-person or single-person trampoline, and their safety hazards are similar. On a trampoline played by many people, heavy people tend to bounce light people away, or the direction is out of control when they land, and they are pressed together, causing falls and fractures. There are often small trampolines in the community, and the pulling of the elastic rope tied  is likely to hurt children during the jumping. Therefore, parents need to be reminded on the sidelines that if any abnormalities are found in their children, they should immediately ask and protect them.

3: Maze Castle

Mazes can exercise children’s sense of direction while playing, but they can also easily cause them to panic. If there are many children in the maze, there may be disputes, pushing and fighting among the children in order to fight for the road. Parents should mediate the conflicts in time. If the child gets lost in the maze, it is easy to cause fear in the heart, so it is best for parents to accompany the child to complete it during the play.


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