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Common considerations when choosing an indoor playground

Reliable data shows that the safety risks of small amusement rides are much higher than those of large amusement parks, The fundamental reason is that the state does not have a unified plan for these small indoor playgrounds. There is no clear regulation on the number of playgrounds and the time of use. Therefore, parents should take this aspect into consideration when choosing an indoor playground. Only playgrounds with clear regulations on the number of playgrounds and the time of use are eligible

Enter the indoor playground to see whether there is a qualified business license,Whether there are safety management tips, whether the fire escape is in line with the regulations, Whether the fire facilities meet the standards and other safety measures in the field is reasonable and legal.

Then, in the process of play, we must pay attention to the safety of indoor playground equipment.Check for visible exposed wiring and cracks in indoor playground equipment

Whether the administrator is on the circuit, Whether special equipment is maintained by a professional and some safety and hygiene issues. In particular, parents with children must pay attention to their children’s safety, children may unconsciously touch some of the switch buttons. This kind of behavior is very unsafe. Some children are prone to accidents in the process of playing without the supervision of parents or managers.

These safety issues are of course what our operators need to pay more attention to in order to ensure that our indoor amusement park can bring us more revenue. If you are looking for park rides or indoor kids rides, please contact us for more information.


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