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Popular Flying Disco’O Ride

With the improvement of our economic level, the quality of life has gradually improved, more and more people also pay more attention to their leisure entertainment, amusement park is the ideal choice of most people, and the amusement equipment is to determine the popularity of the amusement park. And in each major amusement park, theme park, we can see the flying Disco’ O figure,which can be said to be a popular play items. the exterior looks like a large turntable, Passengers sit on the seat on the edge of the turntable,the device will slide back and forth along the meniscus orbit fast, At the same time, the device also rotates,  which help passengers experience the feeling of drifting in space, when the flying saucer swing to the height, visitors just like flying in the air general thrilling excitement, accompanied by dynamic and energetic music, which give people different experience.  

Designed and produced by our company, this device can seat 22 people and it is nearly 10 meters high. It is suitable for large amusement parks. The equipment is unique and attractive, the nice appearance and the structure, dazzling lights and the strong vibration of the music, are all deeply loved by everyone.

According to the different specifications of the flying disco’o equipment, the price is not unified, we are a professional engaged in production and sales of large-scale amusement equipment manufacturer, focus on new amusement equipment research and development, relevant qualification is complete, our product sells in distant markets domestic and foreign, are favored by customers and trust. Welcome customers to order.


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