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Merry-Go-Round: Popular Amusement Equipment

The carousel is a popular amusement equipment all the year round. Why do so many people like to play the carousel rides?

The Feedback Of Carousel Ride
1. Children. There must be a merry-go-round in every playground. The first thing that attracts children is itsappearance, lighting and cute shape. The unique shape of the pony and the colorful lights can make children have a pleasant experience, so every child prefers the merry-go-round.

2. Teenagers. Going to the carousel equipment in parks, playgrounds, and other places, you can see that many young couples will ride on the carousel and smile happily. The amusement equipment is not irritating, and it is more suitable for quiet play. Compared with other amusement equipment, theycan also take more beautiful pictures with theirlovers. The beautiful photos can even bring them to experience romance together.

3. Middle-aged and elderly. Some adults can also be seen on the merry-go-round. They can find the long-lost childhood fun on this amusement equipment and forget the troubles in life. It is a good way to decompress now.

Although the carousel is a simple amusement equipment, people of different ages will have different feelings when sitting on it, so it has always been popular with everyone.


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