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Indoor Playground Equipment Placement Principle

There are many kinds of indoor playground equipment, but how to place them is a problem. A good placement can increase the attraction of the playground and bring in more business. Here are some principles on how to place the equipment in the indoor playground.


1. Highlight advantages
Some devices value the experience, and others value the impressions. Closer to the entrance, colorful and stylish devices can be placed to catch the eye. After a period of operation, when the children are tired of the existing equipment, we need to start purchasing new equipment. The purchased new equipment should be placed in a prominent place in the park. Only in this way can the advantages of the indoor playground be highlighted and the exposure of new equipment can be increased.

2. Set the regionaltheme
There are so many devices in the indoor playground, and each device has its own characteristics and advantages. When placing it, it should be combined with the surrounding devices. Each area has a corresponding theme, which is convenient for children to enjoy and facilitate the daily maintenance of the equipment.

3. Put unpopular and popular productstogether
Some equipment in the playground is particularly popular, and some equipment is not. Faced with this situation, we cannot blindly gather popular devices together, because those seemingly unpopular devices are actually not unpleasant, and we will only know if they are fun after experiencing it, so we need to combine unpopular devices with popular ones, then more devices can be patronized.

4. Pay attention to the overall planning
When installing the equipment, we should set the equipment to be movable, so that after a period of operation, the equipment placement can be adjusted. When planning, we also need to leave enough space between the equipment, because too crowded equipment is easy to easy to cause danger when children run in the indoor playground.

The above is the principle we introduced to you about how to place the indoor playground equipment. I hope our introduction can be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can browse our website and we will provide you with more professional information.


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