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How to do the daily security check of 32 pirate ships?

32 seats pirate ship is a kind of classic amusement equipment,people love the thrill tension that pirate ship bring to tourists.but such large amusement equipment needs to be checked every day, because the safety of tourists should be put in the first place, and every detail of the equipment needs to be carefully checked, so as to avoid any hazards.

  1. Connecting devices and bearings of amusement equipment should be inspected to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  2. Safety protection device for amusement equipment.This is the most basic part, especially for some high-altitude amusement facilities, if the safety protection device goes wrong, it must be a big accident, even the safety protection device of simple amusement equipment is essential.
  3. Motor inspection of amusement equipment, motor is the heart of amusement equipment operation, in the process of amusement equipment operation, if the motor fails, even if the safety protection device is no problem, customers will also be stranded on the risk of amusement equipment, so whether the motor is normal is also an important daily inspection.

Of course, the safety inspection of amusement equipment is far more than these, amusement equipment manufacturers will provide a more comprehensive inspection details in the delivery of the product, so we must pay more attention to daily inspection of amusement equipment.

And according to pirate ship, we have different specification, such as 12seats,24 seats and 32 big pirate ship, and we can also custom it according to your requirement. So if you are looking for amusement pirate ship, please contact us for more details.


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