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How do indoor and outdoor playgrounds operate differently?

Site Requirements

Indoor playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds have different requirements for venue stores, so the costs of natural rental venues are also different. In the same area with a similar level of economic consumption, the rent of indoor parks is generally higher than that of outdoor parks.

There are two fundamental differences between indoor and outdoor playgrounds: one is that the economic value of outdoor playgrounds is not as high as that of indoor playgrounds. Indoor decoration in the later stage also needs to pay a fee, and outdoor can save these expenses. The second is that the indoor park is not affected by the weather. Whether it is raining, snowing, or being extremely hot and cold, the indoor amusement equipment can operate as usual. Outdoors will be affected by factors such as weather and geographical environment.

Selection of Equipment Items

Indoor and outdoor playgrounds have different choices of play equipment. Generally, outdoor parks have more choices when purchasing amusement equipment. Small, medium and large amusement equipment are all available. Indoor playgrounds are often limited by the size of the venue when purchasing amusement equipment. Normally, large amusement equipment is not suitable to be placed indoors. Therefore, indoor playgrounds can only choose those small and medium-sized amusement equipment, naughty castles, theme amusement equipment and so on. And indoor amusement equipment is more inclined to the exquisiteness and attractiveness.

Marketing techniques

The usual marketing method for indoor children’s playgrounds is: applying for membership cards, which may be divided into monthly cards, quarterly cards, annual cards, etc. The level of the card is different, so as to the discounts enjoyed. Or a recharge-type marketing method, which can make customers feel beneficial, thus forming a fixed consumer group. The operation method of outdoor parks is rarely used in this way. Most of its marketing is in the form of ticket sales:one ticket for one device, or a joint ticket for several devices. There are also some operators who will issue discounts on some group buying platforms. Therefore, the consumer group of the outdoor park is not as fixed as the indoor playground.


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