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Notes for maintenance of amusement park equipment in cold weather

Check the canopy in the amusement park, and clear the snow in time to avoid being crushed by the snow and hit the amusement equipment.

If there is the installation and disassembly of amusement equipment construction, attention should be paid to the lifting machinery on site. It is easy to cause the wheels to slip due to the ice of the wheels and brake wheels, the performance of the brakes to decline, the walking of the large-span crane is not synchronous, which is easy to cause the start of the crane rectification device, and it is easy to cause the crane to tilt.

When it snows, outdoor amusement equipment should pay attention to the corresponding snow cover if conditions permit.

After the rain and snow stop, the ice on the equipment should be cleaned up in time to avoid the ice and snow water after melting into the wire and leakage. At the same time, before running the equipment, we should also remember to pay attention to the wire circuit to ensure the safety of the equipment.  

After rain, snow and freezing days, outdoor large amusement facilities, passenger ropeway and other equipment should be strictly checked and maintained according to the requirements, to avoid accidents caused by problems caused by rain, snow and freezing weather not dealt with in time.   

Large amusement equipment is generally large and tall, requiring more human and material resources to be arranged in advance.  Therefore, we should always pay attention to the weather, prepare for weather changes in advance, carry out relevant maintenance in an orderly manner, and reduce losses.  


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