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Which Equipment Is Suitable For The Outdoor Amusement Park?

Nowadays, outdoor amusement rides gradually play an important role in the park or other amusement places. They are extreme popular among children, and have even become the first recreation choose in every weekend or during most leisure time. Thus, I will introduce some fantastic outdoor amusement rides.

Imperial Crown Carousel

The imperial crown carousel is an amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for kids. It is widely used in the park, square, kindergarten and other amusement places. Horses connecting with the turntable will go up and down with soft melody. Besides, the bright and colorful light improves romantic atmosphere. Visitors sit on the vivid horse and enjoy the joyful environment.

Self-control Plane

Almost every child had a dream to become astronaut during the growth process. When they sit in the self-control plane, they can experience the feeling of flying in the sky and control the plane by themselves. In addition, parents who accompany their kids can get rid of the annoyance at that moment and just have fun.

Trackless Train

Trackless train is a super interesting amusement facility with lovely appearance, attractive decorations and bright color, so it always catches kids’ eyes. The whole locomotive is in vintage style or lifelike animal shapes, and the body looks like real train, which satisfy children’s curiosity about the real train. It is suitable for young kids to experience with parents.

Jumping Kangaroo Rides

Kangaroo jump is a new kind of bouncing amusement equipment, also called the “kangaroo jumping music” and “happy kangaroo jump” kangaroo Park”. Cockpit has six groups of kangaroo or eight groups of Kangaroo. Lovely and vivid shape, and interesting experience are suitable all ages to play. This amusement equipment is running with wonderful music and along with the rotation of the cockpit equipment jumping up and down, thus people feel like sitting in a kangaroo pouch, which brings you a different and fantastic experience.


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