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How to keep large amusement facilities clean?

Now there are a lot of large amusement facilities, for large amusement facilities, we should not only consider the safety, but also consider the cleanliness of sanitation, so what skills should be mastered in the sanitation of large amusement facilities?

  1. PVC cloth and glass fiber of children’s amusement facilities can be soaked with soap water, disinfection washing powder, bleach powder and other diluted, scrub with a soft cloth or a soft brush, rinse with water, dry with a clean cloth or dry in the sun.Spray 84 disinfectant to disinfect.
  2. As to the part of Wet-resistant, heat-resistantand colorfast wooden parts, it can be washed with soap blisters after drying, and then use 84 disinfectant spray disinfection.
  3. If the metal part is required to rust, you can use the brush to clean the floating rust, and then use a dry cloth to wipe;After insolation below the sun, you should spray paint again. And when spray paint it needs to be apart from 20 centimeters or so,youhad better sweep and spray at the same time .
  4. When cleaning the electrical department of the circuit of large amusement facilities, it is necessary to ensure that the power is cut off and irrigation is prohibited. Generally, it is swabbed with a wet cloth and connected to the power supply after being dry.
  5. If a large amusement facility is flooded in a rainy day, we should make sure the water is drained and dried.
  6. If it is not used for a long time, we need to fold, bundle and pack the clean equipment

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