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Customized children’s amusement equipment

In the process of urbanization, many forest parks, children’s parks, and community parks will be equipped with children’s service facilities in order to build a richer leisure life. Now the requirements for the construction of children’s outdoor amusement equipment are gradually increasing. It is necessary to ensure that the amusement equipment has complete functions, unique product shapes, and scene-based requirements, etc.. To meet these requirements, customized amusement products have become the first choice for investors.

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1: Advantages of customized amusement equipment

Why do many large places now require customization of supporting amusement products? In fact, the reason is very simple. In order to ensure the integration of the environment, it has its own IP image to attract traffic and start a park with more advantages. In addition, customized amusement equipment can adapt to different scenes, and it can attract attention in terms of visual effects. It is also possible to create unique product functions according to the traffic demand of a scene, and make the best use of everything.

2: Process of customized amusement equipment

It takes a certain amount of time to customize a set of outdoor amusement equipment with its own IP. The general process is: understand and communicate actual needs; survey site-design drawings; site construction; production equipment; trial equipment; transportation installation; test use. Therefore, it takes 2-5 months to customize amusement equipment, and the time varies according to different venues and the difficulty of demand.

3: Where to customize amusement equipment

If you want to customize a set of outdoor amusement equipment, you need to find a professional custom manufacturer. Dinis Amusement has experience in customizing large parks. We are the pioneer of domestic outdoor amusement equipment. The developed products have been widely praised once they are put into use normally, and there is no safety problem at all after 3 years of use.

Purchasing outdoor amusement equipment, customizing professional amusement equipment and finding professional manufacturers, Dinis Amusement is worthy of your trust.


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