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Note on the use and maintenance of electric bell and electric whistle of amusement equipment

The electric bell and electric whistle of amusement equipment have the same purpose, that is, to “warn tourists, onlookers and auxiliary operators that the equipment is about to start or stop”.  Electric bell or electric whistle is a kind of device that every amusement equipment should have, which can be sound and light device.

Electric bell is the use of electromagnet characteristics after electrification of the bell sound signal, electric flute is driven by the motor impeller so that the air quickly through the nozzle sound.  Bells and whistles have different structures and produce different sounds. What are the precautions for the use and maintenance of electric bell and electric whistle of amusement equipment?

 The use of electric bell of general amusement equipment is to pre-set the operation time after the power is turned on. After the passengers sit and hold steady as required, observe the situation around to confirm the safety, and then press the start button. The equipment will be powered on, and the electric bell will give a warning to start operation until the preset time, prompting the bell to ring, and the game is over.  In its use and maintenance, attention should be paid to as follows.  

  1. When opening the cover, cut off the power supply:  
  2. The power cable shall be fixed with the terminal post, and the specified electrical clearance and creepage distance shall be maintained;  
  3. When the sound of the electric bell is not clear and loud enough, the bell bowl and hammer rod can be adjusted;  
  4. The sound of electric flute is not clear and loud enough, and the gap between sound film and electromagnet can be adjusted;  
  5. Pay attention to avoid collision and scratches and other external injuries in the process of use;  
  6. Antirust oil should be coated to avoid corrosion during installation;  
  7. During the maintenance and inspection, we should pay attention to the reduction of anti-rust oil by rain erosion and other conditions, and apply it in time.  

The above is we Dinis shared about the attention should pay attention to when we use and maintenance of electric bell and electric flute amusement equipment, what do you think about this, welcome to communicate with our online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly, looking forward to your inquiries and cooperation.  


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