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Frequently asked question about initial investment in amusement equipment

The kids amusement industry has drew many investors’ attention,more and more people begin to join the queue of children amusement.however, customers who invest the amusement industry still need to know a lot of knowledge about it.

Question:what are the differences between indoor kids amusement and outdoor amusement equipment?

Answer:if you want to invest in indoor amusement equipment,you must design the layout according to the specific size of you venue. The equipment mainly include kids disco Tagada,racing car,shooting amusement equipment,mini carousel rides, flying chairs and some other kids amusement facility.

When it comes to outdoor kids amusement facility,there are two ways. One is inflatable castle or kids bungee trampoline and something lower investment.the other is high investment mechanical amusement equipment,such as large luxury carousel,pirate ship ride,rotating bee ride and so on. This is also relative to the size of the venue,consumption group and passenger flow volume.

 Question:is it the same investment capital when investing indoor amusement equipment and outdoor amusement device?

Answer;the investment funds needed for indoor amusement facility and outdoor amusement equipment are different, and with a big difference.because for the indoor amusement equipment, the equipment is mainly small, so the investment is relatively low, whereas,the outdoor equipment is mainly large facility with higher investment. Therefor,you need to do some survey when decide to choose investment ways.

Question;what is the development prospect of kids amusement equipment market?

Answer:nowadays, the indoor amusement park is becoming more and more popular, because the indoor playground do not affect by the weather, and the environment is relatively better,and the investment is not very high, so you can do some survey from shopping mall or business street,and consult some experienced operators.

 it is inevitable to have some concern and problems for the first investment, but do not worry too much, do good survey and invest wisely.


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