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Advantages of outdoor unpowered children’s playground

1. Advantageof venue

The venue of the outdoor children’s playground is very advantageous, and the location can be in the city center or in the suburbs. Rents in urban areas are generally more expensive, so if the economic pressure is high, you can open in the suburbs. The field in the suburbs is wide, and the equipment can be customized and placed at will. You can also choose large-scale and combined amusement equipment, so that the playfulness can be doubled instantly.

2. Less operating pressure

Indoor unpowered children’s amusement playground sometimes face rent increases. Once the flow of amusement parks decreases, they will experience severe financial pressure. However, the rental price of outdoor unpowered children’s playgrounds is generally cheaper than that of indoor ones, and they will not often face the embarrassment of insufficient funds caused by rent increases.

3. Convenient transportation

Outdoor children’s playgrounds are generally spacious, and it is very convenient for tourists to travel or park. Indoor unpowered parks are generally built inside large shopping malls, which have a lot of traffic, and tourists may face traffic jams.

4. Complete functions and diverse gameplay

Due to the relatively large venue of the outdoor children’s playground, more equipment will be placed, which is incomparable to the indoor children’s playground. In the outdoor unpowered park, there will be a variety of different amusement equipment to meet the needs of high-traffic crowds and reduce crowds or queuing to play.


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