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Why are non-powered amusement rides so popular?

We received a lot of orders from our client about non-powered amusement equipment, many of them want to start a kids park with kinds of non-powered equipment, in fact, our company has also developed and produced a series of new non-powered amusement equipment in the past two years, such as rainbow slide, air pedal bicycle, pedal boat, children climbing equipment, very popular non- powered roller coaster and other playground facilities.  

All these non-electric facilities are very popular among both kids and adults, when it comes to non-electric device, it usually means it need human to dominate amusement equipment operation, this increases the attractions of interactive, and make the amusement rides more challenging and participation, some non-powered equipment designed the parent-child interactive games, such as the unpowered roller coaster  which parents are required to use pedal power to take the cabin move this is very popular among children amusement equipment to enjoy, in addition,  Rainbow slide also allows parents to take younger children to play together, such amusement equipment can undoubtedly enhance parent-child relationship, but also make the whole amusement equipment more fun and interesting.

All these non-powered facilities are all in affordable price, so it is very popular among investors, so if you are interested in our products, please contact us for details.


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