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new style flying chair ride for sale

we all know that the flying chair ride is very popular,  but with the development of the amusement equipment industry,  and in order to meet the need of market,we designed and produced a new style flying chair ride, named pink tree flying chair ride.

Its most unique feature is its luxurious and comfortable hanging basket design.  and the  most attractive is the main design of the nice pink tree, it make the whole device more attractive than the old fashional flying chair ride. The ordinary flying chair only allows passengers to sit on the seat, while the hanging basket flying chair has a super comfortable large hanging basket, allowing passengers to lie in it or curl up in the most comfortable position in the hanging basket. As the large turntable at the top begins to wobble, the hanging baskets beneath it spin in the air. Passengers will feel like flying in the sky, from this device passengers not only get a lot of fun but also can give the body and mind a complete relaxation. Riding on such a comfortable hanging basket flying chair, as if back to the mother’s warm embrace, and can even give you a sweet dream.

so  if you are interested in our product please contact us for more details.


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