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How do staff respond to emergencies?

1. Measures for sudden power failure during operation:
During operation, if there is a sudden power failure, the staff of the amusement equipment should turn off the power switch in time, keep an eye on the dynamics of the tourists, reassure the tourists, and make them not panic. After the power supply, re-test the equipment twice, and only after confirming that the equipment is normal can it continue to operate.

2. Measures for severaltourists who feel uncomfortableduring the operation:
During operation, if several tourists feel uncomfortable and panic, the staff should press the “emergency stop” button in time and comfort the tourists. After the machine stops stably, the staff of the amusement equipment should quickly help the tourists to unfasten their seat belts and leave the ride, and send them to the infirmary if necessary. And check the situation of other tourists, if everything is normal, you can restart the machine.

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3. Measures fortheunsafe behavior of tourists during the operation:
During operation, the staff should persuade and stop the behavior that does not comply with the safety regulations immediately. If it is invalid, the emergency stop should be pressed immediately. After the equipment stops stably, the staff should provide the tourist who violate the safety regulations with polite and patient education and point out the danger. After the tourists accept it, they can play it again.

4. Measures for sudden changes in weather during operation:
During operation, when it rains suddenly, the staff of the amusement equipment should explain to the tourists. After the machine stops, the staff should guide the tourists to a safe place to hide from the rain, and continue to operate when the weather improved.


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