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Amusement park bumper car gameplay and precautions

The Ground Grid Bumper Car is of fine workmanship and advanced technology. Outer covering is made by integrated seamless FRP material which is durable and of bright colors. Car body is fitted with dazzling lanterns, especially eye-catching in the night. The Ground Grid Bumper Car with Power off protection device, when many cars crowded together and can’t move, the car detected pedal always been tread, the motor will be automatic power off within 2 seconds, to prevent motor overheating, to extend the life span of the motor. The following is the precautions of bumper cars.


1: Seat belt. Before the bumper car is ready to start, you must fasten your seat belt, especially for novice players who are playing bumper cars for the first time. They are not yet proficient in the operation, and collisions may occur at any time. If you do not wear a seat belt, it is very dangerous.

2: Control the accelerator. When children and novices are playing with bumper cars, they should control the accelerator and the speed of the bumper cars. When you are about to hit other bumper cars, you should turn the steering wheel gently instead of stepping on the accelerator all the time. A strong collision may cause danger. You should not blindly pursue excitement during the game, but focus on safety.

3: Collision. The collision feeling of the bumper car can make the player feel happy and excited, especially the impact feeling brought by hitting the front is the strongest. But don’t go too fast when you hit it, but focus on your own safety.

4: Never get off the car halfway. If you don’t want to play during the game, don’t get off at any time, because others are still playing bumper cars, you are easy to be hit. When you want to rest or don’t want to play, you can pull over and wait for the game to end before getting off.

5: Drift. The bumper car maintains a fast speed before drifting, and when it is about to turn, turn the steering wheel quickly to complete the drifting smoothly.

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