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Daily maintenance of flying chair ride

The spinning flying chair is a large-scale amusement facility of the gyro flying tower type amusement equipment. Tourists ride on the hanging chairs and slowly rise with the rotation of the turntable, which is thrilling and fun! What are the daily management measures for flying chairs? 


1. Routine and regular maintenance are the responsibility of the manager. Before the operation every day, the equipment must be inspected, oiled and lubricated, and abnormal conditions must be eliminated. Before the official operation, there are several trial runs, and the business can be started only after everything is normal.

2. The equipment generally needs regular maintenance every three months. Every six months, the administrator needs to thoroughly wipe the appearance and movement of the equipment, change the oil, adjust the gap appropriately, replace the wearing parts, and check whether the main stress parts and welding seams are normal.

3. The venue should be kept clean. If there are stains on the outside of the equipment, it can be cleaned with soft cotton yarn witha little detergent, and then wiped with polishing wax.

4. During equipment maintenance, management operators should place a sign on the operating console to indicate that equipment maintenance is in progress, and close the exit/entrance to ensure that unauthorized personnel or other visitors cannot enter the equipment. At the same time, all work switches should be turned off and locked to ensure that all fasteners, latches, cotter pins, etc. are securely fastened.


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