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How to effectively control costs when investing in children’s playgrounds?

What does the cost of the amusement park consist of? The cost of large, medium and small parks has two important components, one is the development cost before the park opens, and the other is the operating cost after the opening. Among them, the development cost includes the following items: engineering cost, start-up cost, marketing expense, reserve fee, etc. Usually, the engineering cost accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 70%-80%. Operating costs include the following items: management fees, marketing fees, financial expenses, business tax and surcharges, of which management fees account for the largest proportion, reaching 50%-60%.

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How to effectively control the development cost?

Comprehensive and accurate market analysis can reduce investment risks: At present, many children’s playgrounds pursue a big area and large investment scale when developing and constructing. There is nothing wrong with high-end atmospheric fashion, but if you blindly follow the trend, the final result is to exacerbate the problem of homogeneity. Without effective market support, there is scale but no benefit, which not only causes waste of resources, but also increases operating costs in the later stage. 

How to effectively control operating costs?

1. Operation:It is necessary to increase revenue and reduce expenditure; implement intelligent management, analyze data in a timely manner through scientific and technological means, and establish energy consumption standards for various departments;

2. Marketing: Establish the brand and reputation of the park, make full use of new media, and achieve resource integration;

3. Reduce the cost of material consumption: It is necessary to establish employees’ awareness of saving and establish standards for the use of various materials;

4. Reduce the cost of handling customer complaints: Increase safety training, safety inspections, do a good job in tourist safety management, and make emergency response quick and effective;

A successful children’s playground, in addition to mastering relevant business skills, also involves various internal and external reasons, so each stage of operating a children’s playground should prepare a corresponding response plan in advance, so as to stand out from the saturated children’s playground!


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