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What should you pay attention to when run amusement business?

As we all know that it is very important to keep passengers safe when play in our fun park, we should always pay special attention to the product and operation safety, then what items should we pay attention to? Let us discuss as follows.

  1. All participating amusement equipment business units shall place notice and warning signs for passengers of large-scale amusement facilities at the entrance or other prominent positions of large-scale amusement facilities.  Warning signs must be eye-catching and legible.  

2, the amusement equipment exhibition business units or their authorized maintenance unit must do special check according to the characteristic of each amusement equipment, such as making monthly inspection, daily inspection table, monthly inspection shall inspect all kinds of important parts, weld and safety protection device, daily inspection should be key check whether the equipment operation is normal seat belts, safety pressure bar, locking device, a hanging device, safety device is reliable electric control, etc  No Normal and reliable.  Check the record record, must be filed for future reference.  

  1. Amusement equipment exhibitors must carry out trial operation and routine safety inspection before daily operation, check and confirm safety devices, and make corresponding records.  If any abnormality is found after inspection, it must be handled in time. It is forbidden to run the equipment with faults.  
  2. Before obtaining the maintenance qualification of amusement equipment, the participating business units shall entrust the corresponding qualified units to carry out the maintenance and sign the maintenance contract to clarify the responsibilities of both parties.  



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