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Amusement equipment safety management system

Amusement equipment operators should not ignore the important issue of safety. They not only need to pay attention to the safety matters in the operation of equipment, but also need to pay attention to the safety inspection of amusement equipment before operation. So what matters need to be paid attention to?  

(1) Safety belt, safety bar, handle is firm and reliable, there is no damage.  

(2) whether the seat door switch is flexible and locked, and whether the safety device works.  

(3) There are no obvious deformation, cracking or other abnormal conditions of the pin shaft and weld in the key position.  

(4) Whether the anti-elastic firmware such as bolt card plate is loose and falling off.  

(5) limit switch has no failure.  

(6) Whether each lubrication point is well lubricated.  

(7) Whether the wire is broken and exposed.  

(8) Whether the grounding pole is well connected.  

(9) Whether the braking device works.  

(10) Whether the safety device of the hydraulic system is in good condition and whether the system is leaking.  

(11) According to the actual conditions of no-load operation more than two times, confirmed that the normal operation, can be officially operated  


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