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Note on the operation of mechanical amusement equipment

To ensure that the mechanical equipment does not occur accidents, the mechanical equipment should not only  meet the safety requirements of itself, and more importantly, the operator is required to strictly abide by the safe operation procedures.Of course, the safe operation procedures of machinery and equipment vary with their types, but the basic safety rules are as follows:

(1) Personal protective equipment should be properly worn before work according to the regulations.To wear tight work clothes, cuffs tight, long hair should be coiled into the cap, the operation of rotating equipment should not wear gloves.

(2) Before the operation, the mechanical equipment should be checked for safety, and the empty car should be run to confirm that it is normal before it can be put into operation.

(3) Mechanical equipment in operation should also carry out safety inspection.In particular,the inspection of fastened objects to ensure that they are not loosened by vibration so that they can be re-tightened.

(4) The equipment is strictly prohibited to run with failure in order to prevent accidents.

(5) the mechanical safety device should be used correctly according to the provisions, and should never be removed and not used.

(6) The cutting tools and processed parts used in mechanical equipment should be firmly clamped and not loosened.

(7) When the mechanical equipment is in operation, it is strictly prohibited to adjust it by hand;Do not use hand to measure parts, or lubrication, cleaning debris, etc.If do inspect, the mechanical equipment should be turned off first.

(8) When the mechanical equipment is in operation, the operator shall not leave the work post to prevent the occurrence of problems without disposal.

(9) after the end of the work, you should close the switch, the tool and the work-piece from the working position, and clean up the work site, put the parts, fixtures and other neat, Clean the machinery and equipment.


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